To ensure cleanliness and hygiene of the industrial kitchen, the right chemical and correct method is required. It is important that the quality of the industrial kitchen, daily hygiene and hygiene of the working personnel, daily maintenance and cleaning are done. Otherwise, the problems that arise are of great importance for business and human health. Henchell Industrial Kitchen Products give very effective results in the right usage areas and regular usage. At the same time, it is cleaning products that help increase the desired hygiene from the place where the food is stored, to the production area and to the final consumption point in the kitchen.

Laundry hygiene in all businesses is a sensitive issue that people place great emphasis on. Washing, cleaning, mildness, pleasant smell reflect the operator's hygiene standard. Tidaş Kimya offers effective solutions to the unique dirt of businesses such as hotels, restaurants, hospitals, where these properties are searched to a significant extent. Henchell Laundry Hygiene Products are effective and high technology chemicals for human health and hygiene.

The cleaning period is very limited in all places that are open to the use of many people who have a mind, such as hospital, shopping center, hotel, restaurant, office, school, institution. A very fast and hygienic solution is needed in these areas where many people are at risk of spreading the disease. Henchell provides detailed, efficient and hygienic cleaning on all kinds of places and surfaces such as rooms, bathrooms, toilets etc. in these areas. In terms of product variety, Tidaş Kimya has a range of solutions to solve all kinds of cleaning problems with the finest detail.

For industrial hygiene chemicals, high performance and reliable chemicals are required. Because the employees in the enterprises are required to be hygienic at all times. Since the staff does not care about their personal cleanliness, they need to pay great attention to this issue, which requires sensitive and legal liability to comply with cleanliness rules. Because production and hygiene should be done smoothly, reliably and healthy. Henchell Hand and Body Hygiene Products are designed to provide safe cleaning of employees in the business.

Regular automotive maintenance prolongs the car's life and allows its parts to function properly for a longer period of time. Tidaş Kimya products are used safely in car body, bumper, seat, leather, torpedo, engine, tires and provide hygiene at the same time.

Food Hygiene is a field that has rules that must be carefully observed in terms of health. The hygiene of the production area, operation and staff should be kept at the maximum level. Food industry employees Tidaş Kimya can easily use Henchell products for its purpose. This purpose; equalization of the standard of hygiene, avoidance of the use of defective products and elimination of wear and tear on the equipments. At the same time, the cost of cleaning is kept under control.



It is half a step closer to Gaziantep, which operates in the raw material sector DAĞSAN Kimyevi Maddeler Nakliyat San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. the first one of the chemical industry in Turkey. DAĞSAN KİMYA has invested in the field of industrial cleaning and hygiene products in 2009 in order to process the domestic and foreign raw materials and in order to apply the experiences, experiences and formulations that lasted for 50 years, TİDAŞ Kimya Kozmetik Ambalaj San. Tic. Ltd. He set up the company.

In a short time industrial hygiene and hygiene products have gained a reputation in domestic and international markets. With a production capacity of 47.000 tons per year, we produce without sacrificing quality with wide product range.

In a short time industrial hygiene and hygiene products have gained a reputation in domestic and international markets. With a production capacity of 47.000 tons per year, we produce without sacrificing quality with wide product range.

TİDAS As a chemistry family, we are increasing our brand values ​​every day by increasing the product range and quality with HENCHELL-HENOXY-OCEAN'S-TURKOZON-DESZENOXY brands by considering the importance of branding in the presentation of quality to consumers.

We provide continuous and uninterrupted technical support guarantee to accelerate sales of our company sales and dealers by keeping in touch with our expert representatives and dealers in the fields of technical support and sales support.












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